April 17, 2020 Update

Our team at Markiewicz Dental hopes everyone is staying safe and healthy.

We are in unprecedented times and new challenges require new solutions. If I am not on a Zoom meeting with our team, I am either reading medical literature, listening to podcasts, or on the phone. While I am using different tools, I am very appreciative of my mentors in college and dental school who taught me how to read and evaluate medical literature. I feel like a detective. While most clues lead to dead-ends, occasionally one leads to some very useful information.

Unlike when I was in school, wandering the stacks of the University library (I loved the stacks), I’m doing all of this investigation from my home via my laptop and mobile phone. I communicate with Missy, Elizabeth, and David via Slack. We share documents via Dropbox and OneDrive. We then meet via Zoom. Technology is quite remarkable to say the least.

Already today, I have been on the phone with a dentist is Spain and requested help from friends in Mexico, Canada, and Scotland……I’m not kidding! I also have been communicating through a Covid-Slack channel with 2500 health professionals sharing experiences from ICU’s, ER’s, PPE procurement, and other dentists. This channel has been a wealth of information.

While our protocols and physical office will be different when we all return, you can rest assured we intend to continue our same level of service and care. We value each of you as individuals and want only the best for each of you. That will not change. That is why we are working so hard to find our “new solutions”.

As I previously stated, everything we do is being judged upon:

  • Insuring patient and team safety
  • Developing and maintaining relationships with our patients
  • Providing the highest quality dental care available
  • Providing the most pleasant experience for our patents each and every interaction with our office

I began this process fully aware that I didn’t know what I didn’t know. When the shut down came, with the full support of a wonderful team, we immediately addressed the immediate challenges. Knowing that they had my back allowed me to concentrate on learning as much as I could about respiratory infections. While COVID-19 is new and our knowledge base is limited, it is a respiratory virus. We have a vast knowledge of respiratory viruses. So while I read everything I could about COVID-19, I also learned all I could about about respiratory viruses.
As I write this,we are in the process of finalizing many of the “new solutions” we will implement. These solutions are multifaceted. I began ordering additional PPE weeks prior to the shut-down. Understandably, some of it is still on back order. I have been working with suppliers and contractors, among others, working to get our practice ready to reopen. As you can imagine, it is difficult getting things done these days, but we are making progress.

I have been asked to document my experiences and discoveries and share them with the dental community. That could be fun, but my focus right now has to be getting our practice ready to for all of you, our patients.

I look forward to seeing you sometime soon.

Remember, Missy is in the office each day. Feel free to call with questions.
Tony Markiewicz

Ah! Forgot to mention, look for a new website launching very soon with a Teledentistry option. The site is scheduled to have custom videos of our team and office, but like many of your dental appointments, our “filming” day was cancelled. While our team may be photogenic, the males models in the stock video are an upgrade over me!

Library at UIC Dental School

Loyola University of Chicago Cudahy Library. A great Uncle (Simon, MD), and Uncle (Joseph, DDS), myself, and David all attended Loyola and used this library. It holds so many great memories for me

Loyola’s Great Hall back in the day. It was too loud for me. I liked to find an quite corner

The Stacks at Loyola

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