August 10, 2020 Update

This past Wednesday, Dr. David and I were interviewed by a Chicago Tribune reporter about our Enhanced Patient Protections. They sent a photographer on Friday. Here is a link to the article:

Mundelein dentist upgrades practice to combat coronavirus

Since the article appeared on Friday, we have been contacted by additional news outlets. We will keep you updated if we are published elsewhere.

Our Commitment to Your Safety:

Each day, we are all required to make decisions about risk. Like most of you, before I go anywhere or do anything, I evaluate whether it is safe; what is the environment, the ventilation, how many people will I be exposed to, will they be compliant with masks…….? I am sure many of you find yourself doing the same. The article highlights many of the changes we made to ensure your safety.

The Bottom-Line                                                                                                                               e

When the pandemic first hit, we committed to reopening safely. Our dental practice adjusted to the challenges COVID-19 has presented. We developed protocols to address the many challenges and judged each to assure:

  • Patient and team member health and safety
  • We can maintain interpersonal relationships with our patients
  • We maintain delivering the highest quality dental care and highest quality patient experiences with our office
  • Our patients will receive great value for the investment they make into their dental health

It was obvious we needed to remodel our treatment rooms to better control aerosols. As providers, we could protect ourselves with respirators and face shields, but we were concerned with patients and team members elsewhere in the office. We didn’t want to re-circulate potentially infectious air. There was plenty of science showing a mix of ventilation and air filtration would protect us all. So, we installed both:

  • First, we had to isolate our treatment rooms: 

  • We increased the fresh air intake to equal three (3) exchanges per hour)



  • We added on-demand negative pressure exhaust to prevent aerosols produced in our treatment rooms from being recirculated anywhere in our office. (20 exchanges per hour)


  • We added extra-oral suction units to dramatically reduce aerosols released into the treatment room. (Adds 15 exchanges per hour)

  • We added air filters throughout the non-treatment areas of the office
  • We installed new high cfm fans in the restrooms
  • We added ventilation and air filtration to our x-ray room


We have been sampling the air in our office. Measuring CO2 and particulate levels. The air quality throughout our office is considerably better than outdoors or in my home for that matter.

The discussion of aerosols and ventilation has become a hot topic. Ventilation and air filtration are needed to allow the safe reopening of schools and offices. The same principles apply, just to a lesser extent.

If you have interest or questions, a good place to begin, is to review the twitter threads of Dr. Shelly Miller (, Dr Joseph Allen (, Linsey Marr ( and Dr. Richard Corsi (

Please call or email with questions. I am glad to share what I have learned.


At Markiewicz Dental, we provide exquisite dentistry and exquisite service in the safest environment possible. Rest assured that we will continue to re-evaluate and modify our Patient Protection Protocols. We value your trust.

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