Generic or Brand Name?

The other day, I was preparing to cement a crown.  Prior to cementing the crown, the patient asked if I use “generic” cement or a brand name cement.  I have been practicing dentistry for 34 years, and this was the first time I have been asked that question.  It’s a good question.

The two most dreaded courses in Dental School are Practice Management and Dental Materials.  The two most popular Dental Continuing Education courses are, you guessed it, Practice Management and Dental Materials.  The choice of a dental material is a significant factor in the success or failure of a dental procedure, so how do I choose?


Continual learning and study is the only way to remain current on dental materials.  Workshops, lectures, Study Clubs, On-line courses, journal reviews, and newsletters are what I use to stay on-top of the rapidly changing profession of dentistry.  Since 1994, I have taken over 2000 hours of accredited Continuing Education.  That is over 80 hours/year, that is 5x the amount of CE I am required to complete by the State of Illinois and that does not include the time spent reading journals and watching videos.

OK, so how do I choose a dental cement or any other dental material?  I evaluate what products are available and select what I believe to be the best type of material available.  I will then research manufacturers and find the specific product that I believe will provide the best result.  It is a simple process if I do my homework.

We strive to provide the best care possible.  Our team is passionate about learning and continuously improving.  The pace of change can be both exciting and overwhelming.  Trust that we at Markiewicz Dental will always be improving.

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