Every person’s smile is unique, especially in the way it develops. For many, getting the perfect smile doesn’t happen naturally, since many things can go awry during the development process of their teeth and jaw. That’s why dentists like Dr. Anthony Markiewicz help people by guiding the development of their smiles using advanced dental treatments and techniques. Oral surgery is one such treatment that Dr. Anthony Markiewicz uses to correct serious dental issues, relieve pain, treat an infection or trauma, restore function, or improve a person’s appearance.


The word “surgery” often brings to mind a stay in the hospital, but with oral surgery, it is often performed in a dental office setting. Most oral surgery procedures are only a minor form of surgery, with only local anesthesia and a short recovery time. Oral Surgery is used for a wide range of cases, from tooth extractions and dental implant placement to more complex jaw realignment surgeries and emergency care for facial trauma.


At your appointment with Dr. Anthony Markiewicz, he will conduct an initial examination to gauge your current oral health and determine if you need oral surgery. There are a variety of different applications for oral surgery, including:

  • Tooth Extractions – having a tooth removed requires minor oral surgery, no matter the reason. Common reasons for tooth extractions are the removal of wisdom teeth, removing a diseased or decayed tooth, and removing teeth to correct overcrowding.
  • Dental Implants – a form of tooth replacement, dental implants are small titanium posts that are surgically implanted into the jawbone and gums. They function as an anchor for various dental appliances, such as crowns, bridges, or dentures. The end result is a durable and natural looking tooth replacement.
  • Oral Diagnosis & Biopsies – When screening for oral cancer, a biopsy will need to be performed if any suspicious oral lesions are found. This involves a very minor oral surgical procedure that removes a small amount of oral tissue from the lesion for analysis.
  • Corrective Jaw Surgery – It is possible for issues in jaw development to cause further problems with a person’s bite or overall oral health. This surgical procedure corrects both jaw function and appearance, for a more comfortable and natural bite.
  • Snoring & Sleep Apnea – Issues with sleep apnea can be caused by excess tissue in the back of the throat, which would need to be removed through oral surgery.
  • TMD – Oral surgery is an option for treating chronic jaw pain, and is often considered as a last resort when other treatment options have failed to provide relief.
  • Facial Trauma & Reconstructive Surgery – Facial injuries can affect not only a person’s ability to carry on basic life functions such as eating, but also his or her appearance. Knocked-out teeth can sometimes be re-implanted, or replaced with dental implants, with both requiring oral surgery.
  • Cleft Lip/Palate – These birth defects that affect the mouth and jaw are among the most common, estimated to affect around one in 700-800 babies born in North America. With professional oral surgery, the child has an excellent chance of leading a healthy, normal life.


If your dentist has determined that you need oral surgery, you will first start out in the diagnostic phase, where the dentist will run some X-rays in order to map out the treatment area for surgery. Once the treatment plan is created, your dentist will walk you through your options for anesthesia during the surgery, during which time you should feel free to ask any questions you have.

Once the oral surgery is completed, you will need time to recover. How long your recovery time will be, and what your recovery experience will be like, all depends on the kind of procedure that you’re having, as well as your overall health. It’s important to let your healthcare providers know what medications you are taking (both prescription and over-the-counter), any chronic health conditions you have, and whether you smoke before you have your surgery, to ensure that your surgery is as smooth and comfortable as possible.


At the office of Anthony Markiewicz, D.D.S., we provide superior dental treatment that uses only the most advanced technology and treatments available. With our professional dental team, you can be confident that the smiles of you and your family are in the best hands. If you have any questions about oral surgery, or any of the other general dentistry services that we offer, just contact us and a member of our staff will help you get the information you need. Schedule your appointment with us today and start on the path to a healthier smile!