Tooth Wear Treatment in Mundelein, IL


While excessive tooth wear is a common problem, it is not inevitable that front teeth chip and shorten as we age. Excessive tooth wear also affects posterior teeth, as it is common to observe:

  • Fractured teeth
  • Fractured restorations
  • Accelerated bone loss and tooth mobility

Excessive tooth wear is most often caused by tooth grinding or clenching, usually occurring while sleeping. It can also be caused by acid erosion resulting from reflux or from consuming acidic foods.

Patients with worn teeth often also suffer from:

  • Pain and sensitivity to temperatures and/or chewing
  • Jaw joint problems
  • Headaches and facial pain

At Markiewicz Dental of Mundelein, we can help prevent and restore the damage done by excessive tooth wear.

During your dental evaluations, Drs. David Markiewicz and Anthony Markiewicz will check for signs of excessive tooth wear and jaw joint issues, often referred to as TMJ or TMD issues. If any signs and/or symptoms are discovered, our doctors will help discover the cause(s) and discuss the treatments possible.

Our doctors are well trained for evaluating and treating excessive tooth wear and its causes:

  • Grinding and clenching (bruxism)
  • Acid wear
  • Sleep apnea and airway issues
  • Tooth pain
  • Headaches and facial pain (TMJ or TMD)

Treatments can often be simple and include bite splints and resin fillings.

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